I have always had a love for animals. Even as a child I would bring home all types of strays. My mother quickly realized her house would always be filled with animals as long as I lived with her. When my mother died in 1998 my dogs became, even more, my serenity and source of unconditional love. It was in 1998 that I got my first show dog, Brandy. Although I initially was afraid of the show ring Brandy had other ideas and pushed me into the limelight. I then began to fall in love with showing. My dogs are a big part of my life and my family. My husband is extremely supportive and together we have made a wonderful life for ourselves and the dogs. They are truly our kids. I joke with people that the dogs own the house, they just allow us to live here to pay the mortgage and wait on them. My dogs are never kenneled and are continually socialized. Being a physician I am extremely concerned with the health of my dogs and my puppies. As part of this, I am always mindful of nutrition and therefore my dogs are fed only well researched dog food as well as homemade food. I have spent countless hours researching nutrition as well as other health issues and am careful to avoid any health issues in my breeding program. Breeding, for me is my passion and I delight in bringing loving families and my puppies together. I am interested in breeding quality, not quantity and therefore only have a few litters a year. Many of my puppies have gone on to complete their championship totally owner handled and a couple will be starting their show career this year. For the people who buy my puppies, either for show or pet, I am available anytime to answer questions, get them started in the ring or just for support. My dogs are not only beautiful but intelligent and offer a lifetime of unconditional love. Please note I DO NOT SHIP!!! (Member APC, AKC Breeder of Merit). 


Ti Amo Pomeranians